About Us

Mission, Vision and Values


To create editorial products that promote independent art and culture with a critical thinking and social conscience.


To be one of the main art and culture media outlets in Brazil, focusing the cultural scene of Pernambuco and Brazil.


Professional journalism with transparency and commitment to the truth

We are committed to serious journalism, based on investigation, verification and commitment to the facts.

Increase quality digital journalism

We will do our best to fight misinformation in the digital environment.

Strengthen representation

We are committed to pursuing guidelines that highlight sexual, racial, geographic and gender diversity. We also aim to increase the representation within our team in all our products.

Social and human rights commitment

We are a media outlet committed to progressive agendas and we believe in an egalitarian, feminist world, that respects differences and the environment.

Regional visibility

We will always do our best to highlight the cultural production of the Brazilian Northeast (with special attention to Pernambuco state) as a way of balancing the acute concentration of media, cultural and financial resources in the Brazilian South-Southeast.

Strengthen cultural journalism

We believe in cultural journalism as a space of vital importance to discuss social and political issues relevant to Brazil.

Attention to the alternative

Our spectrum of News coverage is wide, but we will always pay attention to production carried out independently, alternatively and outside the industrial-market structures.

Editorial Project

What we believe

One of the differentials of our proposal is to debate within the spectrum of pop culture, art and entertainment relevant issues of the present day, such as free media, feminism, racial and gender issues, youth activism and LGBTQIA+ representation. We believe that art is an important platform for in-depth discussions founded on artistic subjectivities and their narratives.

We are committed to giving visibility to the independent and authoral scene, especially artists from Pernambuco state. We believe in strengthening quality cultural journalism to amplify voices, deepen important issues and bring in new perspectives of different origins.

Our editorial guideline is based on the defense of human rights, the defense of culture as a relevant cornerstone of society, in the importance of easy access to cultural goods, in the importance of art as a form of social imagination. We make journalism encouraging a plurality of voices. We have taken stances and we insist on presenting them, either through reviews/articles or in editorials.

Revista O Grito! takes on a commitment to the decentralization of cultural News coverage, emphasizing on agendas that highlight the production of Pernambuco and the Northeast of Brazil. However, we believe in global journalism, which can address issues from any space or territory through local lenses.

Corrections Policy

Everyone at Revista O Grito! is committed to care for a well-done investigation and attention to ensure that errors are not published. But they can eventually happen. In such cases, we correct them as soon as possible, place an update notice below the signature of the post and insert a small text at the end of the article explaining what was changed.